Why Sell at Auction

Reasons to sell by auction

  • Anything you own in real or personal property can be sold at auction.
  • The auction method is quick and efficient means of converting your property, possessions, or inventory into cash.
  • You decide when to sell.
  • Competition among buyers for your property greatly increases at an auction.
  • Compare for your benefit. The auction method can out perform any other marketing method for whatever you have to sell.
  • Gardner's Auction will show you how an auction is the best means of achieving "fair market value" for anything in the marketplace, at a given time. The auction industry is a people oriented profession-to provide satisfying service to both buyer and seller.
  • Auction are not distress sales, nor last resort action taken. An auction is simply another place to buy and sell what you're looking for. . . another marketing method to sell what you have at a fair market price!!
  • We will assist you, or completely prepare your auction on site.
  • We will inventory, pack , and transport items to be sold at our facility.
  • We prepare effective, economical advertising for newspapers, trade journals, radio, brochures and of course our website.
  • We provide computerized auctions with efficient clerk and cashier services.
  • We perform prompt, reliable auctions with fast settlement.
  • We are licensed and bonded.
  • Consider our company as a fast, efficient and profitable means of turning your real and personal property into cash.
  • Call for your consultation!