Saturday June 5th, 10:00 AM
Eureka, Montana

**This auction will NOT be available for online bidding!

Featuring an outstanding collection of vintage horse drawn items including over 80 horse drawn implements, 11 wagons consisting of a very unique Standard Oil Company fuel delivery wagon, sheep herder's wagon, freight wagons, grain wagons, hay wagons, water tender wagon, child's farm wagon, plus a fully operable Adams Leaning wheel grader No. 31, manure spreaders, walking plows, sulky plows, John Deere potato planter, hay loaders and hay rakes and other implements, child's wooden wheelbarrow, horse drawn equipment manuals, parts manuals and books, several anvils, milk cans, cream cans, and Kerosene cans, scythes, cradle scythe, miners candle holders, barn lanterns, cast iron and steel tractor and implement seats, lots of vintage tools, wagon wrenches, 3 railroad baggage carts, wash boards, copper boilers, Deer and Elk antlers, McClellan saddles, a large assortment of vintage labeled wooden shipping boxes, oak slant top desk, oak secretary, lots of wood planes, draw knives, traps, wagon seats, nail kegs, glass insulators, US leather saddle bags, crosscut saws, log tongs and log rollers, ice tongs, horse collars and harness, child's sleds, milk bottles,
galvanized dairy boxes, harness line spreaders, oil cans, and hundreds of other items.

A more complete listing with photos will be posted when available.